Making the most of your opportunities

P36 Solutions are based in London and in Amsterdam and our expertise is in marketing and organization. Our services consist of consulting, management and support in mergers and acquisitions. We always work together with our customers, provide practical and sustainable solutions and focus on success. We work for customers in construction & infrastructure, trade & industry and professional services. Welcome to our website.

You know all about your products, customers and markets. You are aware of trends, competition, legislation and customer needs. Your organization is capable to deal with procedures and varieties in demand. Your strategy aims at continuity and possibly growth given the opportunities. Our business starts here: our drive is, making the most of your opportunities.


Together with a marketing expert you may develop and realize an effective way to develop your business. A project manager can implement the plans, making sure that the costs are within the budget and time frame. Whether you consider a green field operation, an acquisition or a merger, we can provide a consultant or a quartermaster. P36 Solutions specializes in market approaches in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

An organizational expert can assist you to improve the customer satisfaction and to improve the performance of your company. A consultant will do an audit and provide you with advice. You can use an interim manager to implement organizational changes.

"To find a fault is easy; to do better may be difficult" — Plutarch.

Core values.

Core values form the basis for our daily actions. They not only direct us in the way we would like to perform our work, but also on how we would like to be perceived by our clients.

Our core values are:
  • Working together. We view clients as business partners and aim to use each other's strengths in teamwork. We treat all stakeholders with respect.
  • Practical and sustainable solutions. Our work is understandable and easy to apply and aimed at long term results.
  • Focus on success. We aim to make impact for our client. Success = results x acceptance.


P36 originates from 1993 when a team of enthusiast members who enjoyed working together was formed. Solutions based on vision, knowledge and experience; solutions which we propagate and support and which we like to share. P36 was a team of MBA-students at the University of Bradford (UK). Despite their motivation and focus on results P36 was not very successful during the team forming and storming stages. Team members had different cultural backgrounds, different education and business experiences. Due to active listening and appreciation of each other's background and contribution the cooperation became inspiring. People with different expertise and experience approach and assess situations differently. P36 developed into a close team and became an excellent performer.

P36 Solutions BV was established in 1998 in The Netherlands. Since 2006 we also operate in the United Kingdom. The company has executed numerous projects in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Poland. A multidisciplinary approach is inspirational and creates added value and a high-quality result. P36 Solutions enjoys working together with their customers and business partners. We work on practical and sustainable solutions. Our relations will tell enthusiastic about their experiences with P36 Solutions. The outcome for you drives us; our solutions, your success.

Dreaming spires of Oxford
Our logo is the skyline of Oxford, the city where we were first established in the United Kingdom. Oxford is the "City of dreaming spires" — Matthew Arnold.

From left to right: the spires of Magdalen College, Merton College, Brasenose College, All Souls College and Radcliffe Camera.

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