Interview: Onno Jol, MD, P36 Solutions bv.

Onno Jol is the Managing Director of P36 Solutions BV. His expertise is in financial management and marketing. He has worked as manager for an engineering company before he founded P36 Solutions in 1998. As quartermaster he has been involved in a number of market entries, mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations.

Why should a company hire P36 Solutions?
There are three main reasons why organizations use us. First of all: our expertise. We have a successful track record in strengthening market positions and organizations for our clients. Our client trusts we can do that job.
The second reason has to do with how we work. We involve our customer, we are result oriented and we focus on the long term.
Last but not least, clients are doing business with us because they like us. To be successful the project result is as important as the way our clients organization embraces the result. I have to admit this is merely a natural thing, because we like to have fun in work and be friends with the customers.

What can customers expect when they hire a quartermaster from P36 Solutions?
A quartermaster is an achiever and focused on results. We assess the organization and formulate a proposal. This proposal is a plan of action and makes clear which results can be expected from each stage.
If the client is happy with the proposal, the first stage usually consists of a session with the client. Sometimes we invite others, like a prospect or an authority. After each stage we always report and involve our sponsor. Then we take a small step and focus on low hanging fruits, which generate fast results and encourage people to drive the process. Remember the importance of acceptance: enthusiast people will embrace change whether it is in their own organization or in the market.

It is often said that quartermasters are expensive. What is your comment on that?
The investment is substantial. Important is to compare the costs of hiring an expert with the benefits. An excellent quartermaster will have faster results and you run lower risks. Other markets have different structures and different customer habits.Companies doing it themselves frequently end up spending more time and money and getting fewer results.I have managed mergers and reorganizations and the costs have never been an issue. On the contrary, sponsors have often asked me for new assignments.

The slogan "making the most of opportunities" sounds popular but what is the objective behind it?
Haha. Most slogans are popular, so I am happy ours is a bit of a mind teaser. We intend to emphasize that market entry or strengthening a market position requires specific expertise. There are many organizations that deliver excellent products or services. When they see opportunities in a new market they go for it, without realizing that their products, services or market approach might need adaptation. This is where our expertise comes in: "making the most of opportunities". But hey, we are flexible and open, so if there are any suggestions for improvement, we are happy to receive them.

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