Interim Management.

  • Case: Trade & industry.

    We provide Interim managers who will temporarily lead your operations in a new market or to reorganize your organization. The project manager is responsible for delivering the project results, while the interim manager is responsible for the management of the whole organization.

    To get established in a new market you need a hands on quartermaster who will pick up and manage many different things. The emphasis in this first stage is on marketing and sales and shaping an organization. What is needed is a jack of all trades who organizes and executes marketing & sales, operations, production, logistics, finance, facilities, HRM and ICT and keeps the overview. It is about being effective, setting priorities, planning activities and doing them. P36 Solutions has a proven track record in starting up your activities in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Poland.

    Implementing reorganizations and managing change requires craftsmanship. We specialize in reorganizations aimed to be more effective in the market. We know there exist organizations where departments only strive for individual goals and refuse to cooperate with other departments, leading to poor performances for the customer. There are account managers who make promises and create expectations that colleagues can never meet. Likewise there is office and production staff that do not care whether deliveries are on time. Some professionals develop advanced solutions that are not applicable for this specific client, or simply forget to involve the customer.

    P36 Solutions has successfully improved organizations. An interim manager has made departments realize that the customer assesses the performance of the whole organization instead of the individual. We have improved processes and internal information to be realistic about customer expectations. The communication and involvement of the customers has been improved so the results met their specific needs. Realizing objectives and implementing projects in complex environments with many stakeholders and decision makers.

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