Case: Making the most of market opportunities in infrastructure and construction.

To be successful requires a spot on market approach in addition to an excellent product portfolio. Our customer offers a variety of products that are used in the infrastructure and construction sectors. The company and P36 Solutions jointly developed and implemented an effective marketing strategy.

The product range which this company offers requires a higher initial investment compared to its competitors and alternative solutions. The products are however more flexible and reusable. The challenge was how to get a position in this price sensitive market. This was achieved by firstly focusing on a niche where the advantages in flexibility and reusability were eminent. The idea was that once the products were in use, customers would start appreciating its advantages. The sales efforts were aimed at civil engineering companies which operate as main contractors for the end user, mainly the Highway Agency. This organization remains obviously a main stakeholder and their approval and awareness contributes to the products future market development.

Key to success were the clients know how of the products, customers and market and our expertise in making the most of opportunities. Together we gathered information about the market and developments, competitive advantages, decision processes, tender procedures and criteria, deciders and influences, stakeholders, competitors, distribution channels, legislation, local trends, culture and circumstances. We analysed the situation and the company's objectives and conditions and jointly developed and implemented an effective marketing strategy.

P36 Solutions specializes in developing and implementing market approaches for Dutch companies in the United Kingdom and for British companies in the Netherlands. Traditionally the United Kingdom has been in the top three in trading and the largest beneficial of foreign investments for Dutch Companies. Likewise the Netherlands has been a major market and gateway for British companies. There are a number of successful British-Dutch multinationals.

Huge investments in motorways and rail tracks and in project developments are on its way in the United Kingdom. This offers opportunities for companies in environmental services, construction and civil engineering. The Highway Agency plans to improve the motorway network and its route information. Crossrail will form a new rail link between Heathrow and central and east London. Thames Gateway is a development east of London, which includes the construction of 200,000 houses in over 30 years. There are specific governmental plans to build or renovate the majority of schools and a number of hospitals.

In addition there will be organized some large sporting events in the United Kingdom. In 2012 the Olympic Games will be organized in London. The emphasis of the games will be on Stratford, but there will be numerous projects tendered in different locations and only part of them have been awarded. The Commonwealth Games will be held in Glasgow in 2014 and England has applied to organize the World Championship in Football in 2018.

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