Support in mergers & acquisitions

Mergers or acquisitions are an effective way to enter a market or strengthen your market position.
P36 Solutions assists in finding the right business partner, during the negotiations and integration.

The advantages of an acquisition compared to a green field operation is that one obtains fast entry to a new market and an organization to support it. The investment is clear and products can be added to the portfolio. The trick is to find the right company to take over and this is where our services start. Together with you we formulate selection criteria, do research, make a long and a short list, approach candidates, assess them, advice you, assist during the negotiations, manage or support the due diligence, make a plan of action for the integration and manage this.

The objective of a merger is to combine the strengths of the two companies. Success is often depending on the way the integration is managed. To realize mergers and acquisitions we work together with financial and legal experts. We can assist you during the company selection, negotiations, the development and implementation of the integration.

  • Case: merger in trade & industry
  • Case: acquisition professional services

    "Having the stamina of horse but not knowing in which direction to go is very frustrating for a team player" — Johan Cruijff.

  • Case: merger in trade & industry.

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